Saturday, 6 November 2010

Consultation Responses

Due to the size of the documents if you wish to see our response please send an email and we will be happy to send the full response to you for green spaces and site allocations

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Duchess Way

The figure of 65 houses is quoted in the site allocations document is if the whole of the area some 1.3ha is developed at 50 homes per ha.
The area outline in the green spaces plans for disposal is approximately ¼ of this which would equate to about 16 houses at a density of 50 homes per ha.
However this number is only arbitrary as the housing density may have to be reduced to reflect the local area and planning constraints.
These issues/discrepancies need to be highlighted in responses to the proposals.
The question has to be do we want this land to be developed and will it set a precedent for further development?
Should we give up green space to pay for the upkeep of our parks?
Do we want more play areas etc etc.

Below is the plan presented in the Area Green Spaces Plan for consultation
The yellow outline being area earmarked for disposal for housing

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Site Allocations and Developement Management Plan Consultation

Loss of green space, more housing and gypsy sites - Thats what we are facing.
On Monday Bristol City Council released it Site Allocations and Development Management Plan Options document for consultation and they are asking for the community to respond on a site by site basis.
Dont panic though we have until 5pm on 29th October to respond.

I will be posting further info over the next few weeks so everybody can see whats proposed and how the society can respond.

If you want to see the documents for yourselves please click on the link Site Allocations Plans on the right

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Park Road - Damage to Pedestrian Island - T238-78/AJS/101109

Thought all would like to see the councils response to the recent damage on park road!!

Andrew Spicer

Dear Mr Logan

Thank you for your email regarding the above matter. To provide you with an update regarding this matter, I visited site on Monday and Tuesday to assess the extents of the damage to the traffic island and to ensure all signs and road markings warning drivers of the new road layout ahead were still in place. A site visit was also carried out on Monday night to ensure all the illuminated bollards were still operational during the hours of darkness. I will now be seeking further information form the Police relating to the incident.

The works associated with repairing the damaged island will now be issued to a contractor and we will inform local residents of when the works will commence.

For information, the double yellow lines are due to be painted on the ground in the vicinity of the islands and elsewhere as advertised on Wednesday and Thursday (subject to contractor availability and favourable weather conditions). Once these road markings are in place, the temporary bollards will be removed so that residents and visitors can park in the unrestricted areas.

In response to your suggestion to temporarily close the pedestrian island, our site inspection deemed the facility to be robust enough for continued use. It is felt that by closing the island pedestrians may chose to cross in front of the island which would be deemed to be less safe than using the recently installed facility. Furthermore, I stood on the island for some time during my site visit and could not feel the rocking you described, even when Heavy Goods Vehicles drove by either side.

Finally, as with all Scheme work a full audit trail of financial information and officer time will be recorded should an insurance claim be pursued.

I trust this provides you with an update regarding this matter and may I take this opportunity to thank you for your comments. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Spicer
East Area Senior Engineer
Traffic Management
Transport Service
Bristol City Council
Wilder House
Wilder Street
Tel: 0117 903 6819

>>> marktlogan <> 11/05/10 10:32 >>>
Dear Mr Spicer,

Further to your correspondance from Miss Millington regarding the damage to
the newy installed island on park road could you ensure the following:

1. Cordon off the island to pedestrains as the island is reported to be
rocking thus making it unsafe for pedestrains, ensuring the traffic is not
further restricted in this location.

2. Keep an account of all time and monies spent on the subsequent repair
works to enable a full claim by BCC to be lodged against the taxi firm or
driver who caused the damage.

Mark Logan
Stapleton and Frome Valley Conservation Society

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

AGM - 20th May 2010

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on 20th May 2010 @7.30pm at the Stapleton Church Hall.

Elections of committe members shall take place along with a display on some  local history and photos along with news of whats happening in and around Stapleton

Please come along and meet with like minded freindly people who care about Stapleton and its surroundings.

More soon.....